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Our company specializes in the execution of sheets with marquetry intended for further processing by professional carpenters or in factories producing furniture with marquetry.

We cooperate with the best ébénistes in Poland.

Our employees belong to many associations (including international associations) of marquetry artists. Their works have been exhibited in Europe, Asia and North America.

Thanks to them we achieve the highest precision possible in marquetry.

Each of our works is unique and unrepeatable. Each and every one is a work of art.

Our company is capable of producing both furniture sheets as well as technically advanced marquetry for all kinds of furniture on the basis of a provided design, on the basis of a sent drawing or photograph. (i.a. marquetry for tables, marquetry for antique furniture, strip marquetry, rosettes, shells, wind roses).

There are no restrictions in regards to the dimensions and types of veneers.

We provide consultations for designers and manufacturers of high class interiors engaged in the creation of residential and commercial art.

We provide services to a wide range of designer and architectural companies, manufacturers of high class furniture, who also specialize in non-standard decorations of vehicles, yachts, airplanes.